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Senior Multidisciplinary Designer specializing in all things digital with 10 years of professional experience in the industry. Work covering mainly product & experience design spanning over 50 world leading brands ranging vastly from American Express to Coca Cola. My aim from the get go has always been to push the boundaries in creating gorgeous but also functional design and luckily I have had the privilege of doing so for some top notch international brands. My ethics have always been to strictly stick to the fundamentals of clean and contemporary design whilst maintaining a solid balance of immersion and creativity.

I am heavily dedicated in my work ethic, I have been part of a working family background since childhood thus my workflow is always action's speak louder than words.

Skills / Services

UI: Responsive Web Design, Native App Design, Creating Styleguides, Creating Component Libraries & Conceptual Design.
UX: Research, Qual & Quan testing, Heatmaps, Prototyping, Wireframing, High Fidelity Mockups & User Journeys.

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